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Technical descriptive range of type A packaging


Technicals characteristics :

The principal characteristics are :

  • entirely making stainless steel
  • decontaminably
  • shock absorbing structure (patented) move up compared with the case
  • stackable on 5 levels with secure system
  • handling by passage of forks
  • handling by 4 ears wire cable
  • lid closing by 4 at 8 padlocking systems
  • door closing (MP/LP serie) by padlocking 3 points
  • lid and door tighten up by tubular structure
  • absolute filter
  • patch of identification type A
  • taken belts inside 4 corners and in the middle sides
  • specific seals on lid and door
  • inner box briefcase MP/LP serie
  • lid handly manuelly or by crane with handles
  • ISO corners in option L/ LP serie, width 2850 mm

Identification :

The identification is design by :

- a patch welded on the front side on who appear his type, his serie number, his making date and his weight total in charge,

- a file with his packaging type A certificate, the design certificate and 5 reports of tests.

Parcel definition :

For the parcel is type A, the contents must be total weight less than 1500 kgs (range standard) and putted straps on the 8 fasteners.

The parcel can be various cases :

- material contaminated (tools, robots, poles, spare parts...),

- small material or wase putted in container,

- radioactive material packed (under conditions),

- materials connected each other.

Transport :

The type A parcel can be carried by car (S serie), by truck with cover, by truck without cover if he was equiped fo ISO corners, and by boat.

He can be carried by plane thanks to his absolute filter who may it to suffer the variations of pressure.