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Range of containers corresponding to the prescriptions of the packaging type A
(AIEA 2005) 


Type A specifications :

Thes packaging are be designed and realized accordint to the type A prescriptions who describe in the AIEA specifications. l'AIEA.

These specifications are of two orders :

- sturdy conception and technical characteristics of packaging,

- tests (spraying, stackabling, falling, perforation).

A type A parcel according to the AIEA specifications is an type A packagin with his contents.

The range describe below obtain this conformity with the tests realized in real on the prototypes.



Packaging :

The principal characteristics are :

- completely realized stainless steel for an easy decontamination,

- sturdy conception in according for falling tests,

- watertight in according for spraying tests,

- handling either by truck, by crane or by travelling crane and stackables on 5 levels,

- equiped by one lid for introduction of the material and one door for the MP/LP series,

- equiped of the internal moorings for show solidarity the packaging to his content.





Transported material :

Thes packaging are designed for transport contaminated materials (tools intervention, robots...) or radioactive material (under conditions).

For that the parcel will be type A, the contents must be :

- total weight less than 1500 kgs (standard range) or more for specifics containers,

- will be interdependent of the packaging by slowing on belts inside planned in the corners and the middle of sides.

If the contents is in loose (material or wastes), he must be put previously in case.